General Chairs

J. Nelson Amaral

General Chair

Marc Frappier


On behalf of the General Chairs and the entire organizing committee, we extend a warm welcome to you for the Second CS-CAN Co-Located Conference. We are thrilled to have you join us for this exciting gathering of minds in the field of computer science.

This conference serves as a platform for researchers, academics, industry professionals, and students to come together, exchange ideas, and explore the latest advancements in computing and networking. Your presence adds immense value to the diversity of perspectives that make events like these truly enriching.

The following conferences will co-locate:

Throughout the conference, you can expect a series of engaging keynote speeches, thought-provoking panel discussions, and interactive sessions covering a broad spectrum of topics. We encourage you to actively participate, share your insights, and forge new connections with fellow attendees. The success of this event lies in the collaborative spirit of our community, and we are confident that your contributions will contribute significantly to its success.

Should you have any queries or require assistance, our dedicated support team is just a click away at

Once again, thank you for being part of the Second CS-CAN Co-Located Conference. Together, let’s make this event a memorable and intellectually stimulating experience.

Wishing you an inspiring and fruitful conference!

About The Conference

The CS-CAN|INFO-CAN CSCAN2024 co-located conference allows for the creation of relationships between industry and academics so that together they can realize meaningful outcomes for business and society. 

Over the course of the conference, we will facilitate conversations across disciplines and provide collaboration pathways, integrating diverse perspectives with real-world problem-solving opportunities. 

We offer opportunities for everyone.

Industry Professionals 

Looking to accelerate innovation in your industry? The conference creates unique collaborative opportunities combining varied perspectives with joint research opportunities. Attendees have the opportunity to create connections, offering access to diverse perspectives through the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and opportunities to solve problems that matter to you and your business. Visit the sponsorship page to find out how your organization can participate in the conference. 


Through keynote speakers, academic papers, and workshops, the conference enables knowledge makers to share deep insights among peers, tech developers, industry, and students. 


The conference offers the opportunity to hear first-hand from renowned researchers, share collaborative space with master innovators, and meet disruptors in tech. 

Venue & Accommodations

The event will be held at the York University Second Student Centre in Toronto.

Conference Address

York University Second Student Centre 15 Library Ln North York, ON M3J 2S5

Travel Info

Paid parking is available Toronto Transit Subway is in walking distance Possible hotels in the area will be made available here in the Spring 2024


Welcome to the 2024 CS-CAN|INFO-CAN Co-Located Conference

Online registration is fast and secure and will take no more than 5 minutes to complete. 

We guarantee that your card details are entered on a secure page and that all transaction information is encrypted using SSL certificates. 

Please have your credit/debit card (MasterCard and Visa) in hand before you start. Unfortunately, we cannot accept American Express, Maestro or Purchasing Cards. If you cannot pay by credit card, please contact the organizers by emailing.


Registration for the following events is opening up on March 15, 2024

Registration for Consortium for Software Engineering Research (CSER) is opening up June 1, 2024

Registration for the International Conference on Collaborative Advances in Software and COmputiNg (CASCON 2024) is opening up on August 1, 2024.

If your primary intention is to participate in the events specifically associated with CASCON 2024, it is advisable to register for the CASCON 2024 sessions when the registration options become visible in August. However, it’s important to note that by registering for CASCON 2024 sessions, you will also have access to all the other events happening concurrently on the same day, which are taking place in the same location.

The conference fee includes attendance to all events, except the CS-CAN|INFO-CAN Awards Banquet for which you have to register separately.

Conference Registration Fees

Registration fees are in Canadian dollars.

Early Bird (Prior to October 1, 2024)
Event Student Non Student
Consortium for Software Engineering Research (CSER) – Monday Only $100 $125
National Cybersecurity Consortium (Monday Only) $100 $125
Daily CASCON $100 $125
Full Co-Located Conference $300 $500
CS-CAN|INFO-CAN Awards Banquet (Monday evening) $80 $80
Registration Fees (After October 1, 2024)
Event Student Non Student
Consortium for Software Engineering Research (CSER) – Monday Only $125 $150
National Cybersecurity Consortium (Monday Only) $125 $150
Daily CASCON $125 $150
Full Co-Located Conference $375 $600
CS-CAN|INFO-CAN Awards Banquet (Monday evening) $80 $80


Full payment must be made by credit card at the time of registering.

Payment receipts

Payment receipts with conference registration details will be automatically generated and included in the confirmation email, typically sent out within 24 hours of registering. If you have successfully registered but have not received this email after 1 working day, please contact the conference organisers by emailing

Information for Out-Of-Country Registrations

Follow these steps to find out what you need and how to apply.

Read the Appropriate Visa For Conference Attendance information.

International participants should pay special attention to visa requirements and arrange conference registration and travel plans well in advance. An application for a visa can be a lengthy process. We strongly recommend starting your application process early at least 90 days before traveling to the conference. The conference starts on November 11, 2024.

To attend a conference in Canada 2024, you need a Valid Passport and typically an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) or a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), also known as a visitor visa. An eTA or TRV visa allows you to visit Canada for a temporary purpose, such as attending a conference. Find out if you need a visa to travel to Canada with your passport.

The conference has been registered with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to expedite the visa application process. If you have indicated that you need a visa letter in your registration, upon payment, the system will automatically send you an invitation letter with the IRCC visa code.

Apply for a Canadian Visa as soon as the conference website opens in order to get the confirmation letter.

Don’t wait until your paper, poster or proposal is accepted.


An administration charge of $25 will be made to any participant cancelling before October 1, 2024. Cancellations received after October 1, 2024, will be required to pay a full registration fee. However, if you are unable to attend, substitutes are welcome at no additional cost. All alterations or cancellations to your registration must be made in writing to

Every conference participant, regardless of whether you are a sponsor representative or a student, (on a free ticket) is required to complete the registration process.


Program will become available over the Summer


More details about sessions will become available shortly


More details about sessions will become available shortly




More details about sessions will become available shortly


More details about sessions will become available shortly


More details about sessions will become available shortly


Schedule will become available over the Summer


Sponsor the second CS-CAN|INFO-CAN Co-located Conference

Sponsorship Benefits:

Sponsoring the CS-CAN|INFO-CAN Co-Located Conference connects your organization with leading academics and industry experts, fostering partnerships for transformative solutions in business and society. Engage in this platform for impactful collaboration and future-shaping opportunities.

Recent CASCON Conference Sponsors

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