CS-Can | Info-Can
We Represent Over 60 Universities
Departments & Research Institutes
Board of Directors Annual Election
Vote For Your Representative
Department Chairs Meeting
Designed By Chairs, For Chairs
The Program Features Extended Discussions
& Networking With Other Chairs.
Awards Dinner
Recognizing Outstanding Leaders, Researchers, & Educators
Who Are Being Honored For Their Contributions & Dedication
To The Field Of Computer Science
Celebration Of Women In Computing Conference
October 25 & 26, 2024
York University, Toronto, Ontario
Celebration of Women in Computing West (CAN-CWiC West)
Watch Party
October 25, 2024
Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, British Columbia
CS-Can | Info-Can Co-Located Conference
In Partnership With
The Annual International Conference Of
Computer Science and Software Engineering (CASCON)
November 11-14, 2024,
York University, Toronto, Ontario
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About CS-CAN

CS-Can|Info-Can was formally launched on September 22, 2016 with a mission is to foster excellence in Computer Science research and higher education in Canada, drive innovation and benefit society. This is achieved by the organization through the following activities:

CS-Can|Info-Can counts among its members more than 60 Canadian organizations active in computing research: academic departments of computer science and computer engineering; laboratories and centres in industry, government, and academia; and affiliated professional societies.  CS-Can|Info-Can works with these organizations to represent the computing research community and to effect change that benefits both computing research and society at large.

Latest News

Computer Science Research in Canada: Strengths, Challenges and Recommendations

February 2, 2024
Drafted by the CS-CAN/INFO-CAN Research Committee the report summarizes key developments over the last 10 years within the ICT sector and computer science research in Canada.

CAN-CWiC Canadian Celebration of Women in Computing

October 25 & 26 2024
Join us at the Annual Canadian Celebration of Women in Computing Conference

Second CS-CAN|INFO-CAN Co-located Conference

November 11-14 2024
Join us for the second co-located conference in Toronto

2022 Canadian Slice of the Taulbee Survey

CS-CAN/Info-CAN prepared a report of the Canadian slice of the 2022 Taulbee Survey which covers the year from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022

Navigating National Security Challenges

Canada intensifies security in academic research, especially in Computer Science, to safeguard national interests

Current Members

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