Ondřej Lhoták

Cheriton School of Computer Science

University of Waterloo

Ondřej Lhoták has made significant contributions in the areas of program analysis and aspect-oriented programming. As part of his dissertation research, he developed a novel approach for pointer analysis of object-oriented programs that relies on Binary Decision Diagrams (BDDs) for compactly representing large sets of program analysis facts. This approach distinguishes itself from previous approaches to pointer analysis by its superior scalability. Dr. Lhoták also has made significant contributions in the areas of aspect-oriented programming. In particular, he has developed a notion of “tracematches” that enable the construction of advanced tools for debugging and runtime monitoring and demonstrated that tracematches can be implemented efficiently by using program analysis to reduce the amount of instrumentation overhead. Dr. Lhoták’s projects are characterized by rigorous experimental evaluations, and much of the infrastructure developed as part of Dr. Lhoták’s research has been released as open-source software, to the significant benefit of the Programming Languages community.

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