Mathieu Blanchette

School of Computer Science

McGill University

Professor Mathieu Blanchette is a world leader in bioinformatics and computational biology. He develops cutting-edge computational approaches for helping solve challenging biological and biomedical questions in the fields of genomics, proteomics, and evolution. His group has developed a number of key algorithms and accompanying software for comparative genomics and the annotation of the human genome. A highly collaborative researcher, his work has been published in more than 75 international journals and conferences. His contributions to the field of computational biology have been recognized by the International Society for Computational Biology, which awarded him the 2006 Chris Overton award, given annually to the most impactful young researcher in the field. He was a Sloan Fellow (2007-2009), sits on the editorial board of the leading journal in genomics, and is a program committee member of all the top international bioinformatics conferences. His work has received more than 4000 citations to date. His group of 10 dedicated students and postdocs is funded by NSERC, CIHR, Genome Quebec, Genome Canada, and the Canadian Foundation for Innovation.

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