Zongpeng Li

Department of Computer Science

University of Calgary

Dr. Zongpeng Li is a world-leading expert in Network Coding, which is a relatively recent innovation (about 15 years old) in theoretical networking research. Network coding combines ideas from Information Theory with those from Computer Science and Computer Networks. A primary focus is on determining the maximum possible throughput that is possible for information flows across general data networks. Unlike current networks, where nodes simply forward data packets passively towards their destination, network coding allows data flows to be actively sliced, diced, and mixed at arbitrary nodes within the network. With proper design, this approach can exploit multiple parallel data pathways to increase the end-to-end information-carrying capacity of the network. Zongpeng has contributed enormously to the theoretical underpinnings of network coding research, including fundamental results that highlight both its strengths and limitations. His work has broad applicability to the design of next-generation information networks, particularly for supporting big data transfers using state-of-the-art communication technologies.

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