University of Waterloo


Professor M. Tamer Özsu is distinguished for his outstanding and sustained contributions to computing over the course of his career, encompassing not only research but service as well. He has contributed to fundamental advances in the field of databases and data management, provided leadership in professional and academic communities to which he belongs, and mentored countless students, many of whom have become quite accomplished themselves.

Dr. Özsu’s research on data management has two broad themes: distributed data management and application of database technology to interesting application domains with complex data management requirements, with frequent interplay between these themes. He is recognized as a pioneer in distributed data management, a field he has contributed to and shaped since its early days.

For all his accomplishments, Dr. Özsu remains ever accessible to students and colleagues, his office door always open, greeting visitors with a friendly smile and ready to dispense nuggets of wisdom accumulated over his long, illustrious career. His successes serve as an inspiration to all computer scientists, both in Canada and around the world.