University of Toronto


Professor Renée Miller is world-renowned as a pioneer in data management, especially for the creation of tools to integrate, transform, query and analyze information. Her contributions to data integration, schema mapping, and data exchange have established her as one of the seminal thinkers in database systems.

Overall, Professor Miller’s scholarly and applied research has been outstanding in quality, quantity, and breadth. Her research profile is unique in that it combines theoretical elegance, reflected by citations and scholarly awards, with industrial impact, reflected by patents and successful industrial products.

Her work stands out for its originality and elegance, while being at the same time one of those rare and much-needed instances of academic research that bridges in a principled way theory and practice.

At the same time, Professor Miller has been a leader among her peers in Canada and abroad, spearheading research with seminal results.  Recently, inspired by the Open Data movement, she has been studying and creating open source data discovery and data preparation solutions. Her goal is to develop the scientific foundations to ensure that data can be used, curated and integrated in an open, transparent way so as to support the goals of transparent institutional decision-making.

Professor Miller was the second Bell Canada Chair of Information Systems at the University of Toronto,  a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, and a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery.  Her students are a constant priority and have received many awards including but not limited to the SIGMOD Jim Gray Doctoral Dissertation Award and an Ontario Early Researcher Award.