Université de Montréal


Pierre L’Ecuyer is among the top research contributors to Computer Science in Canada. He is a global leader in research on stochastic modeling and simulation, and on simulation-based optimization. He is the world foremost expert in the design and implementation of random number generators for simulation.

He developed software libraries and systems (with extensive user guides and documentation) for the theoretical and empirical analysis of random number generators and quasi-Monte Carlo point sets, and for general discrete-event simulation. His specialized software is distributed freely in open-source and is used all over the world. His random number generators are deployed in major mathematical, statistical and simulation software such as Matlab, R, SAS, Arena, etc. His TestU01 package is currently the gold standard for statistical testing of random number generators. His Java simulation library SSJ is used for teaching and research in universities and research centers. He has given hundreds of presentations at scientific conferences, workshops, universities, and research centers and has been a keynote or plenary speaker on numerous occasions at conferences.