Michael Brudno

Canada Research Chair in Computational Biology

Department of Computer Science

University of Toronto

Michael Brudno is a Computer Scientist who has made fundamental contributions to Computational Biology, an interdisciplinary field that aims to solve biological problems through the development of algorithms and other computational methodologies. Dr. Brudno’s highly-cited research centers on the analysis of High-Throughput Sequencing data. HTS Technologies have enabled the sequencing of thousands of human genomes, but the analysis of terabyte-sized datasets generated by these machines required sophisticated computer algorithms. Dr. Brudno has made fundamental contributions to several problems in this field, from developing algorithms for rapidly identifying where on the “reference” human genome each read belongs, and hence inferring the differences between the genomes of various individuals, to building methods that attempt to reconstruct such genomes from scratch. Dr. Brudno has published award-winning papers on cloud computing, population genetics and comparative genomics. Dr. Brudno’s contributions clearly set him aside as one of the top young computer scientists, not just in Canada, but internationally. His is a stellar record of research productivity, student supervision, and scientific service.

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