Julia Rubin

Dr. Julia Rubin is an Associate Professor and a Canada Research Chair, Tier II, in Trustworthy Software at the University of British Columbia. Her research focuses on devising new theories and approaches that enable construction of reliable software in an efficient manner. Specifically, together with her research group, she develops solutions to make software and machine-learning-based systems more trustworthy: reliable, secure, explainable, and fair. Her work in these areas won several Distinguished/Best Paper Awards at top-tier conferences and has been adopted by major industrial companies.

Dr. Rubin is an active member of the scientific community. She serves on program committees of several flagship conferences in software engineering, such as the International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE), Foundations of Software Engineering (FSE), and Automated Software Engineering (ASE); she has co-chaired the program committees of major conferences, including ASE 2022. Dr. Rubin leads outreach activities to share her passion for science and technology with members of underrepresented groups and mentors students who continue to have successful careers in industry and academia.

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