Eyal de Lara

Department of Computer Science

University of Toronto

Prof. Eyal de Lara’s research tackles some of the most important problems in mobile and cloud computing, creating game‐changing solutions that in turn have spun off two Canadian funded start‐up companies. Eyal’s research on VM Fork, a new abstraction for cloud computing, could revolutionize the way applications are provisioned on the cloud by enabling on‐demand application scaling. His work on context awareness led to the first localization system based on cell phone signal fingerprinting, which provides accurate location information for applications such as 911 emergency response in indoor environments where GPS does not work. Eyal’s work has been recognized with an IBM Faculty Award and a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Discovery Accelerator Award. In addition, he supervised the PhD Dissertation of Andres Lagar‐Cavilla, which was awarded the 2010 NSERC Doctoral Prize. Eyal was the first Canadian to chair the program committee of ACM MobiSys, the top conference in the field of mobile systems, and is the only Canadian on the editorial board of IEEE Pervasive Computing, the top venue in the field of ubiquitous computing. In 2012, Eyal and his colleagues, were honoured with a University of Toronto Inventors of the Year award for their work on VM Fork.

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