Bianca Schroeder

Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences

University of Toronto Scarborough

Professor Bianca Schroeder’s research addresses the reliability of Internet-scale systems. Despite our growing dependence on Internet-based services and the devastating impact of failures, our  understanding of how Internet-scale services fail is poor.  The lack of publicly available failure data, as well as the complexity of analysing failure at scale only exacerbate the challenge. Prof. Schroeder has addressed these challenges by combining large-scale data collection from production data-centers with statistical data analysis. Prof. Schroeder’s seminal insights have had tremendous impact on both the research community, and on industry practice. Her research has dispelled long-standing misconceptions about systems failures and has produced system models that help identify principles for improved systems design. Her papers are widely cited and have received numerous awards. Prof. Schroeder’s work has been recognized by the highly prestigious Sloan Fellowship, as well as an NSERC Discovery Accelerator Supplement, a Connaught New Research Award, a NetApp Faculty Fellowship Award, and an IBM PhD Fellowship.

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