Outstanding Young Computer Science Researcher Awards | 2018

Chanchal Roy

Department of Computer Science
University of Saskatchewan

Chanchal Roy

Dr. Chanchal Roy has developed pioneering work in the area of software maintenance and evolution. In particular, he has produced breakthrough research in software clone detection, analysis and management, with particular emphasis on large gapped clone detection in ultra large software repositories. His work has had a substantial impact on the cloning community. For example, his 2009 archival paper in software clone detection has 784 citations, and continues to gather more than 100 citations per year. Dr Roy has been also conducting breakthrough research in other areas of software engineering, including but not limited to building recommender systems (e.g., context-sensitive code completion, reviewer recommendation systems, experts recommendation systems), software quality, mining software repositories, empirical software engineering, crowdsourcing, Big Data analytics in the cloud for plant phenotyping, and Big Data frameworks and analysis systems for water security.

His research has had a profound impact on his students, his department, his University, and the international community. He has written more than 150 publications that have been cited more than 4400 times, with his top three most cited papers receiving 784, 605, and 334 citations respectively. His Google Scholar H-index is 29 and his i10-index index is 75, which puts him among the most highly cited software engineering researchers of his generation. His contributions to the software maintenance community, and particularly the clone detection community, have been highly influential, and have recently been recognized with two ten-year Most Influential Paper (MIP) awards, one at SANER 2018 for his WCRE 2008 paper on analysis of function clones in open source software and the other at ICPC 2018 for his next generation gapped clone detection tool NiCad, a truly exceptional achievement. His research has drawn exceptional support, and to date he has received over $1 million in research funding from diverse sources, including NSERC Discovery, NSERC Discovery Accelerator Supplement, NSERC Engage, NSERC Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF) on Food security (he is the co-lead of Big Data Analytics group), and NSERC Canada First Research Excellence Fund on Water Security.

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