Ahmed E. Hassan

NSERC/BlackBerry Industrial Research Chair

Canada Research Chair in Software Analytics

School of Computing

Queen’s University

Dr. Ahmed E. Hassan is one of the world’s top young software engineering researchers and arguably the world leader in at least two areas. Mining Software Repositories (MSR) is a research area that he was instrumental in founding over a decade ago. Ultra large scale software (ULSS) systems is an area in which his lab is widely recognized as the best in the world. Dr. Hassan is exceptionally productive; his work has repeatedly appeared in all of the top venues in software engineering. As one of the highest cited software engineering researchers in Canada for the past five years, the quality of his published research is remarkable: he is the recipient of numerous best paper awards and distinguished by many invitations to submit journal articles at fully refereed international conferences. His work is highly influential and he has been keynote speaker in the top conferences in software engineering. Graduates of his laboratory are themselves outstanding and uniformly rank among the top young international researchers in software engineering. Dr. Hassan’s excellence in research and impact in software engineering has been recognized nationally and provincially as with an NSERC Industrial Research Chair, a Canada Research Chair and an Ontario Early Researcher Award.

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