Student & Postdoc Advisory Committee (SPAC)

2019 SPAC Election

The student and postdoc advisory committee (SPAC) of CS-Can | Info-Can has several recent vacancies on its committee. The 2019 Student and postdoc advisory committee (SPAC) election will take place this summer to appoint new members to fill these positions. SPAC is currently accepting nominations to fill recent vacancies on the committee.

All nominations must be made using this form by July 31st, 2019.

Committee Membership

SPAC is comprised of 8-11 members, constituted as follows, with open positions marked in boldface:

  • A Student Chair,
  • A Secretary,
  • An Undergraduate Representative,
  • A Graduate Representative,
  • A Postdoctoral-Fellow Representative,
  • A Women’s Representative,
  • An Indigenous Representative,
  • The CUCSC President (non-voting, ex officio),
  • Up to three Members at Large.

For more information about SPAC’s membership, the duties of each member, and SPAC’s business, please see SPAC’s terms of reference.

Eligible Nominees

Any student (undergraduate or graduate) or postdoctoral fellow may be appointed to SPAC. Appointments are usually made for 2 year terms. Students and postdoctoral fellows must be enrolled in their program at the time of the election and shall be eligible to serve on the committee for up to twelve months after leaving their degree or program SPAC members are appointed with staggered terms, so not all positions will be available in any given year.

All students and postdocs appointed to SPAC will be expected to meet at least once monthly to conduct the business of SPAC, and to contribute to SPAC’s activities, as needed.

Election and Nomination Procedure

The nomination period for SPAC will close on July 31st, 2019. All nominations must be submitted through this form. Self nominations are accepted.

Following the nomination period, all nominated candidates will be contacted to confirm whether or not they accept their nomination, and to submit additional information (e.g., name, picture, bio, platform). The SPAC Election will follow. All students and postdoctoral fellows currently pursuing a computing-related degree and a university in Canada will be eligible to vote. More information about how and when to vote will be made available following the nomination period.

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