Student & Postdoc Advisory Committee (SPAC)

About SPAC

We are a committee of 9-12 elected students and postdocs attending Canadian universities who are working with CS-Can | Info-Can to advance Canadian computing research, education and innovation. Specifically, our mission is to foster and represent the community of Canadian Computer Science post-secondary students and postdoctoral fellows.

  • Yasha Pushak, PhD Student (University of British Columbia), Chair
  • Parastoo Baghaei, MSc Student (University of Waterloo), Secretary
  • Audrey Durand, Postdoctoral Fellow (McGill University), Postdoctoral Fellow Representative
  • Kalvin Eng, MSc Student (University of Alberta), Member at Large
  • Mohammad Raahemi, MSc Student (University of Ottawa), Graduate Student Representative
  • Yanan Sun, PhD Student (University of British Columbia), Women’s Representative
  • Joice Tang , Undergraduate Student ( University of British Columbia) , CUCSC 2020 Chair
  • Anne Guo, Undergraduate Student ( University of British Columbia ), CUCSC 2020 Chair

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