Mandate of the Research Advisory Committee (RAC):
The RAC is a sub-committee of CS-Can | Info-Can Research Committee.  The mandate of the RAC is to consult the Research Committee on particular questions concerning the Canadian Computer Science Research community regarding priorities, policies, research areas, specific questions, etc.

Current members :

  • Alex Aravind, University of Northern British Columbia
  • Mathieu Blanchette, McGill University
  • Andrea Bunt, University of Manitoba,  
  • Martha Chechik, University of Toronto,
  • Aaron Genest, Mentor Inc. (Siemens) – industry member,  
  • Paola Floccini, University of Ottawa,  
  • Satish Golapakrishnan, UBC ,
  • Evangelos Milios, Dalhousie University,  
  • Parvin Mousavi, Queen’s University,
  • Mario Nascimento, University of Alberta,
  • Rita Orji, Dalhousie University,   
  • Joerg Sack, Carleton University,
  • Alla Sheffer, University of British Columbia,
  • Nur Zincir Heywood, Dalhousie University .