2017 Board and President Election (closed)

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CS-Can/Info-Can is a new national organization whose mission is to foster excellence in Computer Science research and higher education in Canada, in order to drive innovation and benefit society. Our process for the 2017 election of a President and Board of directors was as follows, which has been completed and elections held. We expect future elections to follow a similar pattern.

The organization’s planning team solicited nominees for its first President and Board of Directors. For the President, we sought someone with vision, initiative, leadership experience, outstanding communication skills, and a strong track record of community building. Familiarity with the Canadian funding landscape is a also plus. For the Board, we sought individuals with time, energy, and initiative to help shape the organization as it gets off the ground, reflecting the values and priorities of the organization’s members and stakeholders. All individuals should be great team players. The nominations committee encouraged applications from qualified Aboriginal people, persons with a disability, racially visible persons, women, persons of minority sexual orientations and gender identities, and all qualified candidates who would contribute to the diversity of our community. This will be a working board, with all members contributing substantially to the organization’s activities. Both self-nominations and nominations by others are welcome for the Board.

The President will lead the organization. The Board of Directors will provide leadership for various standing committees, including (but not limited to) Awards, Budget, Education, Diversity, Government Affairs, Nominations, Outreach, and Research committees. The President and Board members serve three-year terms, with a limit of two consecutive terms. The Board will communicate through regular conference calls and an annual in-person meeting, with committees functioning somewhat independently between calls and meetings. Individual board members are expected to pay for travel and hotel costs for the annual meeting.

In the 2017 election, we aimed to fill the following positions, to be filled by academics in Computer Science Departments or in Departments (such as computer engineering departments) or Schools where Computing is a major focus:

  • President, to be elected by individual members of the organization. The final ballot should ideally contain at least two nominees.
  • Six board positions, referred to as Individual positions, to be elected by individual members of the organization. The final ballot should ideally contain at least twelve such nominees.
  • Three board positions, referred to as Departmental positions, to be elected by Departments. The final ballot will ideally contain at least six such nominees. How a department decides to nominate and vote is up that department, and the Department Head should submit the vote.

We are fully committed to filling a position for a student and an industry representative in a separate election to be held in 2018.

Important dates and events:

  • The deadline for receipt of nominations is April 15, 2017 (Completed).
  • Nominations made on behalf of departments (by the Department Head) will be considered as Departmental nominations, while those made by individuals will be considered as Individual nominations (Completed).
  • The Nominations Committee will carefully consider all nominations, with the aim of a final ballot of nominees who are representative of the organization, ideally including nominees from each of the regions, from both PhD granting departments to departments that focus on undergraduate education, and who bring a diverse range of experiences and leadership potential to the organization. The number of nominees on the final slate will be at least twice the number of positions to be filled. The nomination committee will ensure that each nominee is willing to serve (Completed).
  • The nominations committee will announce the final slate of nominees shortly after the deadline for nominations, along with a link to the elections website and the process for on-line voting (Completed).
  • Votes must be received by June 9, 2017 (Completed).
  • Results will be communicated to the membership on or shortly after June 15, 2017 (Completed).

The 2017 nomination form is available at www.cscan-infocan.ca/membership. Brief biographical information and a statement of interest are requested.

Questions about the above can be sent to nominations@cscan-infocan.ca. For more information on CS-Can/Info-Can, please refer to www.cscan-infocan.ca.

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