CAN-CWiC is the premiere Canadian computing conference for Women in Technology. This annual event features networking, learning, sharing and mentoring. CAN-CWiC embodies the mission of encouraging curiosity and awareness for the digital innovations that change the community and world around us. Bringing together leaders in research, education and industry from across Canada.

You can expect the same thought-provoking and inspiring speakers, discussions, and networking opportunities accessible to you from wherever you are. Get inspired by stories from women who have been there and done that and how they succeeded. 


Keynote seminar by Marija Radulovic-Nastic

We are thrilled to welcome Marija Radulovic-Nastic, Senior Vice President, Development Technology Services at Electronic Arts as our keynote speaker this year.

Please enjoy her talk Hidden Figures: Empowering Women in Technology.

More CAN-CWiC talks

My Journey in Cyber Security with Nevine Ebeid, Amazon Web Services

In this talk, Nevine will walk us through the journey of her research and work in industry in the field of Cybersecurity. She will give an overview of the objectives of information security and where she built her expertise in relation to those objectives. She will give a glimpse of how wide this field keeps expanding putting an endless demand on security professionals. The talk will conclude with the lessons and values Nevine learned as a female in the tech world in general and in cybersecurity in particular.

Nevine Ebeid is a computer engineer who obtained her PhD from the University of Waterloo in Electrical and Computer Engineering where her research was focused on secure implementation of cryptographic algorithms. Nevine worked at BlackBerry during the last year of her PhD. After that, she joined Certicom which was acquired by BlackBerry shortly after. She then worked in the field of IoT and automotive security at TrustPoint Innovation and through its acquisition by ETAS. Nevine is now an Applied Scientist in the Crypto Algorithms team at Amazon Web Services. Throughout her career, Nevine authored and contributed to patents and enjoyed developing low-level algorithms that are both efficient and resistant to side-channel attacks.

Download the slides.

Career Panel

These women have been there, done that and they want to share their experience with you! If you are wondering about all the different kinds of career paths available to you as a woman in computer science, you won’t want to miss this.

Featured panelists:

  • Lakshmi Baskaran – VP of Engineering at Sedna ​
  • Ania Halliop – Senior Engineering Manager, ​Uber ATG ​
  • Rita Orji ​– Associate Professor Dalhousie University
  • Hannah Wilkinson ​Software Engineer at Microsoft

NSERC Updates and Research Grants 2020 Competition Results

Kevin Lapointe, Team Leader, Physics and Computer Science Discovery Grant at NSERC, and Jean-Marc David, Program Officer, Computer Science Discovery Grant at NSERC, present on the following topics:

  1. CY2020 Discovery Grants (DG Results)
  2. Discovery Grant News
  3. NSERC Updates
  4. COVID-19 Response

Download the slides.