CAN-CWiC is the premiere Canadian computing conference for Women in Technology. This annual event features networking, learning, sharing and mentoring. CAN-CWiC embodies the mission of encouraging curiosity and awareness for the digital innovations that change the community and world around us. Bringing together leaders in research, education and industry from across Canada.

You can expect the same thought-provoking and inspiring speakers, discussions, and networking opportunities accessible to you from wherever you are. Get inspired by stories from women who have been there and done that and how they succeeded. 


Keynote seminar by Ideshini Naidoo

Our world is increasingly running on AI services. As this state transitions from pervasive to ubiquitous, what will it mean for society? As technologists we play a pivotal role in this unique time in history, to use this power to shape a better world. Let’s talk about how we do that! It starts with committing time and effort to deeply understand the implications of this powerful technology and using this knowledge to guide it into ethical use.

More CAN-CWiC talks

Careers in Computer Science Panel

This panel features four speakers with successful careers in both academia and industry. The panelists provide insights on their personal career paths, information about employment opportunities and advice for students planning for their futures. Panelists: Lauren Bhagwandat, Audrey Girouard, Jazna Ross and Amber Simpson.

Closing Keynote by Nathalie Crosbie

Empowering Women to Achieve Financial Freedom, Connect to Supportive Communities, and Grow Whole, Fulfilling Lives

How to deal with imposter syndrome: Spoiler alerts: if you feel it, you’re probably already awesome it will probably never fully go away, but There are things you can do that will help take its power away! What to be prepared for in Tech: The (Very) Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – and toolkit tips to flourish in it all! How a tech career is just a small part of a bigger, more beautiful whole: What to consider to design a life-not just a career-you love … and that loves & supports you right back!