Nominees for President and Board of Directors

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The CS-Can/Info-Can election is imminent! The Nominations Committe has assembled a final ballot of nominees who are representative of the organization, including nominees from each of the regions, from both PhD granting departments to departments that focus on undergraduate education, and who bring a diverse range of experiences and leadership potential to the organization.

The following individuals have been nominated for the positions indicated. Click on the names to see the biographical information and statement of interest for each candidate within a category, or click on the category headers to see the information for all of the candidates within the category. Note that only department Heads/Chairs/Directors are allowed to vote for the Department-based representatives on the Board.

Nominees for President (vote for 1)

Individual Nominees for Board of Directors (all members eligible to vote, for up to 6 candidates)

Department-based Nominees for Board of Directors (only department chairs eligible to vote, for up to 3 candidates)

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