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Assistant Professor, Human-Centered Augmented Intelligence

4 septembre 2019
Date limite
15 novembre 2019 (Soft)
Date de début
1 juillet 2020 (Approximate)
Department of Computer Science,
University of Calgary,
2500 University Drive NW,
Calgary, AB T2N 1N4
403 220-6015
Research + Teaching
Poste titulaire
Assistant Professor
Domaines de recherche
Mots clés
The Department of Computer Science (CPSC) seeks outstanding candidates for a Tenure-track position at the Assistant Professor level in the area of Human-Centered Augmented Intelligence. Applicants must possess a PhD in Computer Science (or equivalent) at the time of appointment. The successful candidate must demonstrate evidence of a track record of publications in high quality journals and conferences. Successful applicants must also show a strong willingness to contribute to the department's innovative teaching and research initiatives.

The successful applicant must have demonstrated expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, augmented reality, computer-based collaboration, as well as social aspects of computer science and its applications.

The successful candidate may be considered as a nominee for a funded/endowed research chair position, e.g., a Canada CIFAR Artificial Intelligence Chair, if the appointment advances the strategic considerations of the Department of Computer Science, the Faculty of Science and the University of Calgary.

Candidates must have strong interests in multi-disciplinary approaches in exploring artificially intelligent systems as partners to augment scientific inquiries, support innovative exploration of ideas, and investigate how `smart technologies and artificial intelligence can be used to benefit our society and help solve scientific, social, and environmental challenges. We are also interested in applicants with expertise in neuroscience-inspired artificial intelligence to investigate the next generation of human/brain-computer interfaces, neuroscience-inspired machine learning architectures, and their applications. There will be opportunities to be engaged in the University of Calgary's Entrepreneurial Thinking and Digital Innovation initiatives. We also foresee collaborations with researchers in, for example (but not limited to), the biological sciences, social sciences, arts, and physiology.

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