30 NOV 2018

Update on NSERC’s New Research Partnerships Program


Update on NSERC’s New Research Partnerships Program

During the autumn of 2018, NSERC undertook a series of briefing sessions with our community to solicit and discuss feedback on the first draft of the new Research Partnerships program design. We appreciate the rich, constructive feedback from these sessions as well as emails we’ve received from our stakeholders. NSERC has listened and incorporated much of this valuable input, which has led to several modifications to the new program design.

For full details about the proposed structure, parameters and features of the program, please consult the new version of the Research Partnerships Framework. We invite you to provide your feedback to RPR@nserc-crsng.gc.ca until January 2, 2019.

In addition, with the forthcoming implementation of the new Research Partnerships Program, NSERC has established transition plans for its current partnership programs included in the consolidation.

We invite you to share this information within your network of relevant contacts.

Thank you for your interest and engagement as we continue to work together on the renewal of NSERC’s Research Partnerships programs.
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