Ahmed E. Hassan

NSERC/BlackBerry Industrial Research Chair Canada Research Chair in Software [...]

Ahmed E. Hassan2020-03-22T15:56:19-04:00

Sandra Zilles

Department of Computer Science University of Regina [...]

Sandra Zilles2020-12-19T12:46:28-05:00

Daniel Vogel

University of Waterloo [...]

Daniel Vogel2020-03-22T15:32:36-04:00

Chanchal Roy

University of Saskatchewan [...]

Chanchal Roy2020-03-22T15:28:00-04:00

Andrea Bunt

University of Manitoba [...]

Andrea Bunt2020-03-22T15:26:39-04:00

Eric Schost

University of Western Ontario [...]

Eric Schost2020-12-19T12:52:57-05:00

Bin Ma

University of Waterloo [...]

Bin Ma2020-12-19T12:55:16-05:00

Aaron Hertzmann

Department of Computer Science University of Toronto [...]

Aaron Hertzmann2020-12-19T12:58:51-05:00

Parvin Mousavi

School of Computing Queen’s University [...]

Parvin Mousavi2020-12-19T13:12:14-05:00
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