User Accounts on the CS-Can|Info-Can Members Forum have been created for faculty members in Canadian computer science departments based on lists provided by the departments.

Accounts can be activated by going to the Forum and entering the e-mail address associated with an account into the Username field in the upper left of the page just below the Login label, and then clicking on the E-mail new password button. This will invoke a standard password recovery process that will send a link to the e-mail address that was provided. Clicking on the link in the received e-mail message will return to the Forum where a password can be entered to complete the activation process.

Screenshot of a database login screen
Activating a Forum user account by requesting a password reset.

Once activated, the profile for a user account can be updated by providing contact details and other information. Initially, profiles are fairly thin. In future, profiles will allow individual members to select which mailing lists they wish to subscribe to and how they want mail delivered (via e-mail or as a digest), as well as other features that we expect to add such as support for completing the (dreaded) Canadian Common CV.

Screenshot of a database profile screen
Users can update their profiles on the Forum after logging in.

Accounts for department chairs, deans, directors, or heads will have additional capabilities that provide access to the profile for the associated department, faculty, or school, and to administrative actions such as authorizing new user accounts associated with the department or authorizing other users to edit the department profile, create job postings, or submit news items.

Screenshot of a department database profile
Department chairs and designated staff members can edit a departmental profile.


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