How you envisioned the school year going and your current reality are likely quite different.

Different = change and change will challenge our resilience.

This 60-minute webinar will outline ways to step back and see the challenges we face from a new perspective, so we can live each day with more purpose and clarity.

Jen will lead us through three facets of resilience and leave attendees with a feeling of self- directed ownership of their own challenges and actions they can take to create calm.

Jen Schrafft is a certified professional coach with the International Coaching Federation. She studies human behaviour and creates habit changing workshops to help her corporate, student and faculty at Sheridan College, Concordia University and CS-Can|Info-Can.


Joins Over Encrypted Data

Florian Kerschbaum University of Waterloo CS-Can|Info-Can Outstanding Young Researcher Award Winner 2019 Outsourced databases need to compute query results over encrypted data.  This is challenging, since the operation needs to [...]


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