Ready to launch your career?

There’s high-demand for STEM graduates in the workforce right now, but how do you get started as a new graduate? How do you figure out where to apply and how do you begin building your network?

In this live Zoom session, we’ll discuss some of the barriers and opportunities for STEM graduates and how accelerated skilling programs can fast track your career.

In particular, there’s growing demand for highly skilled Cybersecurity talent in Canada. A perfect career path for bright quantitative graduates – but your degree is just the foundation! Join this live Zoom session to learn more about starting your career and decide if the Palette Skills x Fields Accelerated Cybersecurity Training Program is right for you.

Hear from:
Arvind Gupta, CEO at Palette Skills and Professor of Computer Science, University of Toronto
Kumar Murty, Director at Fields Institute and Professor of Mathematics, University of Toronto
Deirdre Haskell, Deputy Director at Fields Institute and Professor of Mathematics at McMaster University

May 20, 2021 01:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)



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Mike Schaekermann

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