CS-Can|Info-Can is pleased to announce the new annual Excellence in Teaching Award to computer science faculty at Canadian institutions who have been nominated by students, colleagues, and alumni in recognition of excellence in teaching.

Two awards are presented annually – one for an individual who teaches at a francophone university and one for an individual who teaches at an anglophone university.

This award will honour faculty who have demonstrated exceptional teaching ability, at the undergraduate or graduate level, via classroom lectures, laboratory instruction, thesis supervision, design and development of courses, and use of innovative teaching methods.

A prize of $1000 accompanies the award. The award winner will be invited to attend the annual CS-Can|Info-Can Awards Banquet to receive the award and will be invited to give a talk as part of the CS-Can|Info-Can Podium Webinar Series.

The Excellence in Teaching Award Selection Committee is co-chaired by Marc Feeley from the Université de Montréal and Jacqueline Smith from the University of Toronto.

For information about the nomination process for this award, please visit https://cscan-infocan.ca/awards/nominate/


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