CS-Can|Info-Can is working in collaboration with the Queen’s University School of Computing to present the CSearch conference, the Queen’s student-run computing research conference.

This is a reminder that CSearch is being held virtually on October 2nd – 4th of this year. Registration is completely FREE, and you can sign up on the CSearch website now.

This year’s conference will feature talks from both academic and industry experts, including an opening keynote from Yoshua Bengio, winner of the 2018 Turing Award and one of the “Godfathers of AI”.

CSearch is also accepting student research submissions for the conference virtual poster session. The deadline for abstract submissions is midnight, Friday September 18th – so make sure to get those in soon!

Please see the FAQ below for more information about student research submissions.

Student Research Submissions FAQ

What kind of research can I submit?
CSearch will accept any computer science-related research where the primary researchers are students. This can include undergraduate and graduate researchers.

Do I have to submit a full paper?
No. Your abstract is used to determine if your submission will be given a poster presentation or a talk. CSearch will not be asking for full papers at any point.

What types of student presentations will be featured at CSearch?
Poster presentations

These will take place via Online Towns, and will allow conference-goers to virtually walk around, view posters, and video-chat with the authors to learn more about their research.

Student talks

Up to six student submissions will be selected to give live or recorded talks at our conference. These will be held on Zoom, and feature a live Q&A session with the authors.

Can I submit an abstract/poster even if my research isn’t complete?

Absolutely. If your research isn’t completed yet, you can submit an abstract describing your current research state and plans. Your poster can outline what you’ve already done, and what you plan to do next.

What if I’ve already submitted my research to a journal?
CSearch is not an indexed conference and does not require full papers, therefore you are free to present work that you have already submitted for publication elsewhere. Presenting your work at CSearch will also not prevent you from submitting your work to a later journal or conference location.


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