CS-Can|Info-Can is looking for energetic, community-minded members of the Canadian computer science community to join our Board of Directors.

This is a working Board, with all members contributing to the organization’s activities. Board members participate in monthly one hour virtual meetings and are encouraged to lead and participate in activities related to research, communication and outreach to a range of communities.

This is your opportunity to work with researchers, academics, students, industry and government to help shape the organization, reflect the values and priorities of the organization’s members and stakeholders, to:

  • Ensure excellence in research, innovation and education across all aspects of computer science.
  • Foster the next generation of computer science researchers and professionals for the Canadian academia and ICT ecosystems.
  • Actively promote an inclusive environment that supports diversity and, in particular, encourage participation by underrepresented groups.
  • Develop two-way academia-industry interactions that encourages innovation and the ethical application of computer technology.
  • Inform public policy debates at all levels on issues involving ICT through impactful and timely strategic positioning.

CS-Can|Info-Can is run by a Board of Directors whose members serve staggered three year terms, with some elected directly by membership and others by units. In 2020, the Nominating Committee is seeking nominations for:

  • Four Board positions, referred to as individual positions, to be elected by individual members of the organization. The final ballot should ideally contain at least five such nominees.
  • One Board position to represent student members and to be elected by student members.  The final ballot should ideally contain at least two such nominees.

The Board member to represent students is to be filled by a graduate student in a CS-Can|Info-Can member university department.

The other three Board positions are to be filled by researchers or academics in CS-Can|Info-Can member university departments.

Both self-nominations and nominations by others are welcomed for the Board.  We strongly encourage nominations of people who can ensure a breadth of perspective and experience on the Board.

The nomination form is available at the link below. Brief biographical information and a statement of interest are requested.

Only CS-Can|Info-Can members may be nominated.  Note: all faculty members, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are automatically entitled to membership if the nominee’s department or school is an institutional member.  To check the status of your department’s membership, please visit https://cscan-infocan.ca/membership/departmental-members/

Please ensure that the nominee is willing to serve. The deadline for nominations is August 15, 2020. Questions about the above may be sent to nominations@forum.cscan-infocan.ca.

Nomination form


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News on the Status of Quebec Bill 29 (PL-29)

CS-Can|Info-Can is pleased to announce that PL-29 has passed to next step with Amendments proposed.  Please see the article, below, for complete information on the history of PL-29 and CS-Can|Info-Can’s role in the coalition [...]


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