Candidates for President

Candidates for President

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Doina Precup

Professor, School of Computer Science, McGill University

Biographical Information

Doina Precup holds a Canada Research Chair in Machine Learning at McGill, where she has worked since getting her PhD in 2000. She also serves as Associate Dean (Research) in the Faculty of Science, and Associate Scientific Director of the Healthy Brains for Healthy Lives CFREF grant. Her research focuses on artificial intelligence, machine learning (especially reinforcement learning) and applications of these methods to many domains, such as medicine, activity recognition etc. Doina Precup is senior fellow of AAAI, and has co-authored more than 100 highly refereed papers and graduate more than 10 PhDs and 50 MSc students.

Statement of Interest

The Canadian computer science community has a great opportunity to re-organize itself and focus the attention of government and industry on the excellent quality of the research and training we provide.  Other communities, from physics to medicine, recognize the need for CS to ensure the success of their own work. However, our work is often viewed as a ‘helper’. We should ensure that we are valued instead as a cutting-edge leader, and that government as well as Canadian industry understand the value of fundamental research and training in CS.

I believe that I can serve well in the President role, due to extensive past experience interacting with various funding agencies and research communities. I served for 6 years on the NSERC Discovery Evaluation Group, including 3 years as group chair and member of the Committee on Grants and Scholarships (2010-2016). I have held or currently hold funding from NSERC but also a variety of other sources, including CIHR, CFI Cyber, MITACS, large companies (such as Google and Samsung), donations from non-profits, as well as small startups.  I have also organized and participated in large multidisciiplinary teams, most recently playing a central role in McGill’s CFREF grant.



Note: The nominations committee did identify two candidates for President. Unfortunately, one needed to withdraw after the nominations deadline, due to an unexpected health issue. In order that the election could proceed without undue delay, the elections committee has decided to proceed with just one candidate, and have added an “abstain” option for voters.

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