Call for Nominations: Lifetime Achievement Awards

Nomination Deadline: To be announced


CS-Can/Info-Can, the Canadian academic computer science organization, is offering an award for Lifetime Achievement in Computer Science. This award is made to faculty members in Canadian Computer Science Departments/Schools/Faculties who have made outstanding and sustained contributions to computing over their careers. The awards can be for achievement in research, teaching, service, or any combination of these.

There will be up to five awards per year. Winners will be invited to attend the annual Awards Banquet to receive their award.


A candidate for this award must have held a full time appointment in a Computer Science Department[1] at a Canadian University for at least 10 years and must have spent the majority of his or her academic career in Canada. Candidates need not be currently active faculty members, nor even still living.

Selection Committee

The selection committee is a Panel of computer scientists from a variety of sub- disciplines of the field, so all nomination material should be written appropriately for such an audience. This panel is appointed by CS-Can/Info-Can.

Nomination Procedures

Candidates cannot apply on his or her own behalf, but must be nominated by a member of the Canadian computer science academic community who has first hand knowledge of the nominee’s contributions. All submissions should be packaged into a single PDF file.

The Nomination Package

The nomination package should include the following:

  • a summary (up to one page) for public consumption outlining the candidate’s
    contributions in everyday language.
  • a nomination statement (up to 3 pages) that explains why the candidate deserves consideration for the award. This nomination statement should make the case for the nomination, indicating the category or categories in which the candidate has made contributions and explaining the nature of the contributions they have made.
  • curriculum vitae (no page limit) of the candidate, focussed on the candidate’s contributions in the category or categories for which they are being nominated.
  • 3-5 letters of support for the candidate from other people who have first hand knowledge of the candidate’s contributions in the appropriate category or categories. Such letters can be written by colleagues in the same Department or other Departments in Canada or outside of Canada, or by other people who can appraise the contributions, for example former students for a teaching contribution, or somebody in the computing industry for a research contribution who knows the impact of a candidate’s research.
  • other supporting material, up to a limit of 5 pages, that will contribute to an understanding of the candidate’s contributions.

No other material (letters of support, etc.) can be included in the nomination package.


To be announced.

How to Submit

The nomination should be put into a single PDF file, which should be e-mailed as an attachment to the Computer Science Awards Panel, c/o Gord McCalla, at

1“Computer Science Department” is a broad term that includes Canadian Departments, Schools, and Faculties of Computer Science, however named. Similarly, the term “Chair” refers to the Chair or Head of the Department, the Director of the School, or the Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science, whichever is appropriate.

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