Call for Nominations: Distinguished Dissertation Award 2018

Nomination Deadline: February 1, 2019


CS-Can/Info-Can presents the Canadian Computer Science Distinguished Dissertation Award annually to recognize excellence in research and writing by computer science doctoral students completing degrees at Canadian institutions. A prize of $1000 and an invitation to attend the annual CS-Can/Info-Can Awards Banquet accompany the award.


Doctoral students who have successfully defended a computer science dissertation at a Canadian university during the calendar year 2018 may be nominated. While many nominees will be from computer science departments, nominations from other departments are welcome. In all cases, the nomination package must include an explanation of the contribution to the field of computer science made by the dissertation.

Nomination Procedure

Nominations are welcome in either English or French. Candidates must be nominated by their doctoral supervisor. The nomination must be approved by the chair of the department and must be endorsed by two experts in the field. The nomination package must contain the following material.

  • A Nomination Letter on letterhead in PDF format with the following information
    • Name, address, phone number, email, and signature of the nominator (student’s PhD advisor)
    • Name, address, phone number, email, and signature of the department chair or alternate
    • Name, address, phone number, and email of the person being nominated
    • Name, address, phone number, and email for each of two experts in the field who are providing signed letters of endorsement
    • The title of the dissertation
    • The department and university within Canada where the degree is being granted
    • The date on which the dissertation was successfully defended by the nominee
    • A nomination statement (450 words maximum) explaining why the nominee deserves to receive the award and how the research reported in the dissertation contributes to the field of computer science
  • A PDF file with both English and French versions of the abstract for the dissertation, one of which is the abstract as it appears in the dissertation that was submitted to the university
  • Two signed Letters of Endorsement on letterhead in PDF format from the individuals identified in the nomination letter
  • A PDF copy of the full final Dissertation as it was submitted to the university, or a link to the full final dissertation
  • A PDF copy of the nominee’s current CV

The nomination letter must signed by the nominee’s doctoral supervisor and by the nominee’s department chair. If the supervisor is also the department chair, the graduate officer or some other faculty administrative officer in the department must sign as an alternate on behalf of the chair.

Letters of endorsement from two experts in the field who are neither the supervisor nor the chair (or signing officer) should provide evidence of the dissertation’s relevance to computer science and potential impact on the field.

Dissertations will be reviewed based on their originality, potential impact, technical depth and significance, and quality of presentation by a panel of computer scientists chosen from a variety of sub-disciplines in the field by CS-Can/Info-Can Awards Committee.

How to Submit

The deadline for receiving nominations is February 1, 2019. The deadline will be strictly adhered to.

All materials in the nomination package should be put into a single .zip file named file with individual file names as follows, using the last and first names of the nominee and the endorsers to uniquely name each of the files, including the .zip file.

  • NomineeLast-NomineeFirst-Nomination.pdf
  • NomineeLast-NomineeFirst-Dissertation.pdf
  • NomineeLast-NomineeFirst-Abstract.pdf
  • NomineeLast-NomineeFirst-CV.pdf
  • NomineeLast-NomineeFirst-EndorserLast-Endorser-First.pdf (for each letter)

The .zip file should be sent as an email attachment to the chair of the CS-Can/Info-Can Dissertation Awards Committee (Kate Larson) at by no later than February 1, 2019.

All submissions will be acknowledged by return email.


The successful candidate will be notified by March 15 of the year following the award year.

The prize will be presented at the CS-Can/Info-Can Awards Banquet, which is usually held in May or June following the award year in conjunction with the CS-Can/Info-Can Annual General Meeting. The successful candidate will be reimbursed to help defray the costs of attending the Awards Banquet to receive the prize in person.


The term “department” when used above is intended to include all Canadian Departments, Faculties, and Schools of Computer Science, however named, and also academic units that award doctoral degrees in areas that are closely related to computer science. Similarly, the term “chair” refers to the Chair or Head of the Department, the Director of the School, or the Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science, whichever is appropriate.

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